About Us

Our goal is to connect plant lovers with the plants they love and resources the they need, while doing as much good as possible.

Our Team

We’re a tiny team with big goals. 

Devin Jones


Getting this picture was difficult enough, of course Devin doesn’t have social media.

Devin is full of big, scary ideas. You can thank him for the Thicket and Jungle Boxes.  

He’s the reason why we’ll grow as a business. Devin is always coming up with bold ideas and pushing us outside our comfort zones.

Devin picks up our baby plants from wholesalers, takes our outgoing mail to the post office, and gleefully drops planty innuendos wherever he goes. 

Devin loves our indoor jungle because it adds to his wild man aesthetic.

His favorite plant is the sweet smelling lemon verbena. 

Coming Soon

New Owner!