A Houseplant Subscription Box for People with Black Thumbs.

Take our plant personalization quiz. We’ll ask you a few questions about you, your home, and your plant needs, and then pair you with a custom color.

Choose your box size: Plant (1 plant / mo), Thicket (2 plants / mo), or Jungle (3 plants / mo). Then select your custom box color from the quiz. 

Sign up! While you wait for your first box, we’ll plant 21 trees on your behalf. And we’ll keep planting 21 trees every month that you stay subscribed. 

Trees Planted since October 25th, 2019

For each subscription box we send out every month, we plant 21 trees. And for every one-time item we sell in the gift shop, we plant another 11 trees. 

Our Goal is to Plant 5,000 Trees By October 25th 2020

What's Inside the Boxes?

Every box comes with 1-3 hand selected perfect-for-you-plants potted in 4-inch terracotta planters. Each plant comes with its own highly descriptive care card and a link to its virtual plant discussion post. Each box plants 21 trees on your behalf, and also comes with a surprise plant-related gift.

No Taxes

No Fees

No Shipping or Handling Charges

No Commitments 

Eco-Friendly Pots

When your new plant arrives, you’ll probably want to put that pretty baby on display right away. Since it’s already planted in an aesthetically pleasing pot, you don’t need to make any messes transferring it.

Transportation is stressful for plants. Switching to a prettier planter right after shipment would add to that stress. It’s much better for the plant to get used to its new home in a pot that it’s been living in for quite a while now.

Terracotta is a great material because it wicks moisture away from the soil, has great drainage holes, and allows healthy airflow to the roots (yay for aeration). 

Since beginner plant people tend to overwater (hey that used to be us), this pot can counteract that a little bit.

Bored with the color? Paint it! Use any water-based acrylic or latex paints. You can find paint as low as $0.50 a bottle.

We want your new plant to ‘fill out’ the pot, but still have room to grow. It’s also important that the pot isn’t so small that you can’t decorate your home or office with it, but not so large that it’s difficult to find an open space. 

A 4-inch terracotta planter seems to be the sweet spot.

If we used smaller pots, we’d have to sell smaller plants that may not have well-established root systems yet.

If we used large pots, we’d have to grow the plants longer and raise our prices to accommodate the time and shipping. In the future we may offer larger plant boxes, but right now we want to absolutely perfect what we already have.

Speaking of cost, terracotta is surprisingly economical, even though it’s also eco-friendly. Because its cost-effective, we can usually beat our competitors’ prices, even as a brand-new-still-small business. We invest the saved difference into scoring rarer, more expensive plants for you!

When your plant is ready to graduate to a larger pot, you can reuse the terracotta pot for another plant, or get creative

If you’re a chronic overwaterer, smash up the old pot into small pieces to use them as drainage rocks in the bottom of your next pot. Or lay the broken terracotta bits on top of the soil in an outdoor plant pot to keep the soil from getting baked by the sun.

We think terracotta is exceptionally stylish. It’s such a beautifully natural, neutral element that fits any home or style.

As terracotta is exposed to water and sunshine, it turns a redder, richer shade of clay. So the longer you keep a pot, the more personality it will develop.

Think of this aging pot personality as your badge for staying into plants for so long!

Being outdoors- whether you’re hiking through a forest, canoeing down a river, or sitting on the beach- is soothing. Of course part of this calming sensation is attributed to taking time to simply slow down, but it’s also got some scientific roots.

The air around us either has positive or negative charges. Natural elements, like clay, are great at providing us with calming negative ions by absorbing the positive charges. Some people call this detoxing.

Either way, spending time in near negative ions (anions) is really good for your health. I don’t want to make this post any longer than it already is, so just check this article for more information on that.

Because our pots are made of clay and not plastic, they’re heavier, which means your plants won’t be helplessly toppling over as they grow bigger and taller.

Terracotta is better for the environment because it uses one ingredient and requires less energy to produce than other planter options.

We hope to change users’ mindsets when it comes to disposable plastic.

We also want to show big companies that going plastic-free is realistic.

Plastic is cheap, but it’s not always good for us or the environment. We want to help end the disposable plastic culture, and our pots are a great place to start.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We turn to EcoEnclose to source 100% of our packaging needs. Everything from our office paper, to our cardboard boxes, to our shipping labels, comes from EcoEnclose. 


We love EcoEnclose for 3 Reasons: 

Because Planty Dropper Co ships exclusively in the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska!) it makes sense to support American-made products.

That strange looking cardboard roll that looks partially shredded? That’s our plastic bubble wrap replacement. Cool right?! 

EcoEnclose is the only company we’ve found that also offers zero-waste shipping labels. Even the sticky backing is curbside recyclable, which is pretty remarkable. 

We use custom box sizes that fit our plants and products very tightly. A tight fit keeps your items (and new plant friends) more snug and safe. It also means we aren’t wasting space on delivery trucks so drivers can transport more packages, with less fuel. 

As our small company grows, we’ll eventually begin using their custom box branding too with their signature algae ink. For now, we’re hand-stamping every single box!

EcoEnclose does not have a biased or favorite shipping material, and they’re very transparent with what ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘sustainable’ means to them.

There’s absolutely no greenwashing with this lovely company! 

How Will Plants Survive Winter Shipping?

We ship to all 50 states all 12 months of the year! We use USPS Priority Mail or USPS First Class for our shipping needs. Your package should arrive in 1-3 Days, regardless of if you live in New York, California, Florida, Hawaii, Alaska, or anywhere in between. During winter months we use eco-safe 92 hour heat packs (at no additional charge) to ensure your plant(s) keep nice and warm. Packages come with tracking numbers so you’ll know exactly when they arrive.